Hi All…

Here in the northeast, we’ve had our usual on and off again spring so far.  One week nice, sunny and warm and then back to chilly, cloudy and cold at night.

Some things are starting to bloom, although it’s too soon for any real spring clean up and planting. However, I thought I would share some pictures from around our property of the daffodils, forsythia and a few flowering trees.  You’ll see a lot of Boxwood as well (one of the few things deer and groundhogs won’t destroy ugh!) The main trees haven’t begun to bud, so we still have our fall and winter views of the hills behind our home.  Soon the leaves will block the view for the summer.

I can’t wait till the weather breaks, so we can get outside and clean up, mulch the beds and our walking garden and get the water feature going with nice aquatic plants and such.  Our Main annuals will be on our deck area and we usually can put them and our pots out in May.  More to follow then.

Daffodils in the Walking Garden

Daffodils in the Walking Garden


Daffodils in the Garden

Side Garden


Crab Apple

Out the Back

Plum Tree