If you remember (if not, check it out) my post about my Living Room, I spoke about taking leaves off the tables that I redid and that I would talk about them in an upcoming post.

So, I figured today was as good a day as any.  This is one set, taken from one of the side tables (I have others to tell about in the future too).  As you can see in the picture of the back, they were just plain pine with rounded edges, made to open (they had little hinges I removed) and expand the table.

Leaves (back) - "before"

Once I connected them together with some spare thin wood pieces I primed and painted them in ivory. I deliberately didn’t do a great job with the paint so they would look old.  I then took one of my many stencils and laid that on the wood and went over it with Plaster. Once dry, a rough sanding and then dry brushed with 14k gold paint; to age it a little more I rubbed it with raw umber glaze. 

Plaster Stencil Detail in 14k Gold Paint

It adds old world flair to our great room that I’ll share more about in the future.

Re-purposed Table Leaves - After

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