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This table in our foyer is the first faux finishing job I ever did.  I purchased this table at an unpainted furniture store and put on a base coat of Ivory paint.  Then I used plain burnt umber acrylic paint (before I discovered pre-mixed glaze, etc.) and brushed it on and while still wet I took a clean dry brush and ran it down through the paint with the brush.  It gave the table a striation appearance. 

Foyer Table

I then added appliques and had to paint them by hand since the table was done already.  I painted the rim of the table with the same green paint I used on the tin piece I refer to later in this post.  Everyone loves this table and they don’t even know I did it as my first project.

This vignette has special meaning to me; the little copper shoe display is my baby shoe and my parents got it dipped in copper, I received this after my mother passed away from my wonderful stepmother with little peach roses inside.


 This pillow I made years ago with a spare piece of fabric and stuffing. I tied the ends with ribbon and added a strand of faux pearl beads to give it a romantic touch.

My other love is this cloche.  Underneath there is a piece of colored crackle glass, which is hard to find today, that was my moms and it has some sprigs of lavender inside.

The tin piece above the table I purchased at the craft store and I painted green and then fauxed it with gold paint.

Vignette - Full View

The print above the table I’ve had for years.  I love it to this day.

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