Office – Continued

I always wanted a display in my office that would be pretty to look at and bring me joy when I was working and doing tasks.

I saw this shelf in my local unfinished furniture store and liked the lines but wanted to add a bit of detail, so I thought, why not add an applique’. Once I selected the applique’, I applied it to the bottom and painted the entire shelf in a black matte finish.

Shelf Applique'

Initially, I kept a nice grouping of toile dishes on the shelf, but then I discovered the cloche!  I thought they would look pretty and I fell in love with them. I got a couple from

Toile Dishes

The smaller one being mercury glass and the other is called the “French Nest”; they are just beautiful to me.  The pitcher we received from John’s aunt and I added beaded pears from Pottery Barn, the clock was a small gift from John and the wine label plate was from Ballard.  I completed the look with a small picture on canvas and it was a nice finishing touch.

Current Look

The picture is from Home Goods and the tin basket I use for magazines is from Willow House.

Full View

Now when I am in my office, I have things around me to look at that bring me joy.

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