As you may remember, this is the home-made plaque I mentioned in my previous post about the foyer.

Plaster Stencil and Faux technique

Well, I wanted to experiment with a combination faux and plaster application and thought this would be a good place to start.  So, after determining the size I needed, we picked a heavy ¾” plywood sheet and cut it to size (42 x 50).  Starting with a good coat of primer I then selected stencils that had been used for a ceiling application, added corner stencils and applied a coating of plaster instead of the usual stencil paint.  This took a few days to dry.  Now it was time to lightly sand and prime the raised plaster so the paint would not get sucked into the plaster.  Once dry, I decided to paint the entire piece using an antique ivory to give it a nice light-colored background then the magic of fauxing began.  I layered light paint coats of gold and green umber and topped it off with a light coat of raw umber glaze to give it an aged look.  It took a full weekend to finish this project once the plaster was set up.  I think it makes quite a statement and hope you like it as well.

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